Belly Fat Exercise Collection

by Bodyfit16 November 07, 2016

You might feel like you’re the only one in the world, but worry not, we are a bunch! It is very easy to accumulate fat around the belly area, but not so easy to remove it… or is it? For many years, belly fat has been associated with increase diabetes risk. So of course, we all want to get rid of it. Many personal trainers and fitness experts have dedicated years of their lives trying to find the best belly fat exercise out there, and we are here to bring them all together for you!

All you need is your own body, a sprinkle of motivation, a yoga mat, and 15 minutes per day. No crunches, no excuses, tons of results. Next summer, you’ll show off that perfect six-packed flat belly you always wanted! You will start by facing the floor, and work all the way up until you’re standing! You’ll feel the fat burning with every repetition!

belly fat exercise


  • PLANK – The Best Belly Fat Exercise I Ever got!

This simple but effective belly fat exercise will not only target all your abdominal muscles, but strengthen your back as well. Form is key for this exercise so make sure to check out the video for a full explanation on the perfect position.

Pro Tip

Try to hold it for 15 seconds the first time, then every time try to set a new record. Can you hold it for 2 minutes?

VIDEO: How to do a Perfect Plank

belly fat exercise

Mountain Climbers


This exercise can be done either standing or in plank position. However, as we are focusing on belly fat exercise, you will want to do this exercise in plank position. This is a full body exercise when done planking. It will work your shoulders, arms, core, legs, and ultimately it will increase your stamina.

Pro Tip

Always remember to do the same number of reps on each leg. Start by doing 10 with each leg and increase the number of reps each time.

VIDEO: How to do a Mountain Climber

belly fat exercise

Spider-man/Superman Planks


This will be your last belly fat exercise facing the floor, and it will make you sweat! Get into your perfect plank position and bring one leg in towards your side. Repeat with the other leg. It seems easy but after a few repetitions, you will be feeling the burn!

Pro Tip

You can either count the seconds or count the reps. But always try to make the same amount of repetitions on each side. The more you do, the more you’ll feel like a real Spiderman!

VIDEO: How to do a Spiderman Plank

belly fat exercise

Russian Twist


This belly fat exercise will chisel your love handles and shape your waist, helping you look fit! For this one, turn around, sit on the floor, and with either your own body weight or a small weight, move from side to side. For a more graphical explanation, please check out the video below.

Pro Tip

For an advanced and harder version of this exercise, take your legs up and add weight!

VIDEO: How to do a Russian Twist

belly fat exercise

Flutter Kicks


Lay down on your back and breathe deeply, you’re almost there! For this belly fat exercise, put your hands under your bum, lift your legs slightly from the floor and do a scissor movement. This exercise hits your lower abs and strengthens your legs.

Pro Tip

The lower the legs, the harder it gets. If you’re new to fitness, take your legs higher at first!

VIDEO: How to do Flutter Kicks



Find a sturdy chair and sit on it. Put your arms on the sides, and lift yourself gently, taking the fit off the floor and the knees closer to your chest. This will work not only your gorgeous belly but your balance, arms, and legs as well!

Pro Tip

Beginners can start by leaving one leg on the floor and only lifting the other. Work your way up!

VIDEO: How to do Abdominal Hold



This last belly fat exercise will also help you improve your balance and work your legs. It seems easy, but it needs practice to master it! Put one arm on the wall, lay your weight onto it and pretend to run in the place. Do the same on the other side.

Pro Tip

The further you lean, the harder and more effective it gets!

VIDEO: How to do Lateral Wall Run

Now you have the weapons to kill that belly fat! Join us in this challenge and get rid of those love handles, see you next summer on the beach!

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