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by Bodyfit16 October 03, 2016

Smart Scales by BlueWeigh

Most human beings struggle with weight. No matter if gaining or losing. It is a difficult fight. The big majority of those undergoing a diet or fitness program will then recover the lost weight once finished. This is because during the process they have forgotten to learn the essential thing: the reason behind their weight problem. The reason that leads them back to old habits, and thus, the weight will set back to where it was at first. However, there can be a solution to change that, and the use of a smart scales can be a great help.

What is Smart Scales?

A Smart Scales is not a simple machine. It does not just measure the weight. It gives a well-rounded solution. Because weight on a specific date can depend on many factors that justify a gain or a loss, it is important to be aware of the factors that affect the weight fluctuation. It will help to win the challenge. Well, how can a Smart Scale help you?

First of all, you need to know what happens inside your body to map your goal strategy.

Smart Scales means “personalization”. A standard scale will only measure the weight. A standard scale does not take into consideration any other content of the body structure yet smart scale does.
Well, when using a Smart Scale for the first time, it will ask the user to input the height and age. This is essential to calculate characteristics that will affect the long-term results. With this information set, whenever stepping on the scale, it will be able to give the following:

– Body Water Content: The percentage of water that makes up the total weight.
– Fat Content Of Body: The ratio of fat to the total weight.
– Body Muscle Weigh: The muscle mass compared to the fat.
– BMI (Body Mass Index): It is a ratio that correlates the height and weight, classifying the person into underweight, normal, or overweight.

All these data will help you to maintain a corresponding routine, including appropriate diet, fitness, rest, sleep and even fun. Blueweigh smart scale is a perfect tool to become a part of your healthy lifestyle.

What sets apart Bluewigh technology?

BMI scale by BlueWeigh is an advanced device and it can also measure other metrics such as:
– Body Bone Mass: The fraction of bone that amounts to the entire weight.
– Visceral Fat: The amount of fat surrounding and protecting the vital organs.
– BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): Amount of energy used while at rest in a normal environment.

All these may sound like a foreign language, but they are actually essential to achieve your target.  It’s important to understand them and learn how to use them as a weapon to achieve a weight target. Knowing what constitutes the weight and why it fluctuates, makes it possible to understand better what happens inside the body. Some may desire to bulk up and gain weight while others may want to slim down and lose weight. Hence, no matter the target type, these seven factors above are the keys to achieve it.


As mentioned above, the revolutionary Blueweigh Smart Scales was created not only to measure the standard four characteristics. It was made to give a well-rounded solution to the problem of controlling the weight fluctuation.Blueweigh smart scale makes it easier to understand the reasons behind the body behavior. It is an extremely precise scale, and by using novelty technology and materials, it is also affordable to the public.

Use the Blueweigh Smart Scale to overcome all these years of the struggle. To conquer back the control of your weight. You will be amazed by its accuracy and ease of use. No other scale can help and motivate you the way Blueweigh Smart Scale does. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and get yours now. Let it guide your way to your desired weight!

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