FAQ – BlueWeigh Activity Tracker

Before wearing your fitness activity tracker and hit the gym your device needs to be connected to your smartphone.

To setup BlueWeigh Activity Tracker please follow the steps below:


How can I connect my device?

  • Charge your BlueWeigh Activity Tracker using any USB source.
  • Go ahead and download the app Veryfit 2.0 from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
  • Keep your BlueWeigh Activity Tracker close to your Smartphone and make sure there is no other unpaired activity tracker within 25 feet.
  • Turn on your Smartphone Bluetooth (do not try to pair directly through your Bluetooth settings).
  • Click to the Veryfit 2.0 icon and it will automatically recognize your device, and if not press refresh.
  • Confirm your choice and start setting up your BlueWeigh Activity Tracker by entering your height, weight, birth date, steps and sleep targets (default is 10000 steps/8 hrs.).
  • Wait till your phone and BlueWeigh Activity Tracker will sync together.
  • Go to the device option and turn ON your Call Alert and set up the Alert Reminder (default is 8 sec).
  • If you wish you can turn on your Sedentary Alert (it will remind you to move if you are inactive: default is 45 min., start time is 8:00 am, end time is 6:00 pm).
  • Setup your Daily Alarm.
  • Activate the option “Camera” to take Selfies by pronating your wrist.
  • Turn on your Anti-Lost Alert and your BlueWeigh Activity Tracker will remind immediately once you go you far from your Smartphone. It will prevent leaving smartphone unattended.
  • Turn on your Find Phonefeature and it will help you find your phone within Bluetooth range in case you forgot where your phone is placed.
  • Setup is finished, so go ahead and enjoy your active life with BlueWeigh.

How can I monitor my sleep?

  • Your device automatically detects “sleeping behavior” when you go to bed after 12.00am.
  • If you are going to bed BEFORE 12:00AM, please long press on mode button located on the side of BlueWeigh Activity Tracker and it will activate Sleep Mode.
  • To check your sleep pattern, open the Veryfit2.0 app on your smartphone. It will automatically sync data between your activity tracker and smartphone. If your app remains open without syncing, scroll your screen down and app will sync manually.
  • Slide screen from the left to the right and display will show your current total sleep statistics.
  • To check your current detailed sleep pattern, click on the center of display where your total sleep results are. White columns are for awake hours, light gray columns are for light sleep and darker gray columns are for deep sleep.
  • To see your sleep statistics during week, month and year click on section Details >           There you will find the 2 graphs: Whitefor total sleep and Blue for deep sleep. Also there is detailed information about your average sleep latency divided by stages.


How can I monitor my daytime activities?

  • Your device will automatically count all your steps, burned calories and distance you walked.
  • To check your activity statistics open your Veryfit2.0 app on your smartphone which will automatically sync between activity tracker and smartphone, if your app remains open scroll down your screen and app will sync manually.
  • On the screen you will see your current steps you made, percentage to complete your target goal, distance and calories you burned.
  • By clicking on the center of the display you will find orange columns that have different heights. They represent your steps matching with the time you made them.
  • To see your statistics by week, month and year go to the Details >
  • Orange graph will represent your steps that you completed by days.
  • It will also show average distance, steps and calories burned during week/month/year.


How can I use my BlueWeigh Activity Tracker to find my smartphone and prevent it getting lost?

  • Open your Verifit2.0 app and go to the section Device, find the options Find Phone and Anti-Lost Alert then activate them both.
  • Every time you get far from your phone and/or BLueWeigh Activity Tracker loses Bluetooth connection with your phone, BlueWeigh Activity Tracker will vibrate and Alert icon of the phone will pop up on the device display.
  • If you put your phone somewhere and can’t find it, press on Mode button multiple times until the icon of phone with magnifier glass shows on the display, then press and hold it until your phone will play a sound (mode button located on the side of your activity tracker). For this option your phone Ringtone must be turned ON.


How can I use my activity tracker to snap a picture?

  • Open your Veryfit2.0 app and go to the section Device, tap on Camera option, adjust your phone camera lens by choosing rear or front camera, and by flipping your wrist from OUT to IN, by or pressing MODE button take a picture.
  • For flipping wrist option your Wrist Sense option must be turned on from section

Can I use BlueWeigh Activity Tracker without smartphone?

  • Yes, of course you can. Most of the time when you your phone is not in your hands. You can leave your phone in a locker or somewhere else and be sure that all data collected can be sync with your phone later on.
  • BlueWeigh Activity Tracker keeps data for 7 days without sync, but make sure you have enough charge for it. After 7 days all data will be automatically erased from tracker if you fail to sync it with your phone.
  • Warning: Always pay attention to your battery charge. If you run out of charge all unsynchronized data will be lost!

How can I extend battery life of my BLUEWEIGH activity tracker?

  • Normally on standby it lasts about 2 weeks. BUT if you use many options, you sync it with your phone frequently, you press on MODE button more often, it will decrease your battery life.
  • If you do not need Wrist Sense option turn it off and it will not turn on display anytime when you are flipping your wrist and therefore will save you battery.
  • If do not need Anti-Lost Alert on turn it off and it will not vibrate and drain your battery energy.
  • It is up to you how to manage your battery life but it will work without charge for at least 3 days, even if all functions are turned on.
  • Normal time for full charge is 15-25 min depends on USB charger current outcome.

I think my device is inaccurate!

  • All our measurements show that BlueWeigh Activity Trackers have 92-95% accuracy. There is no more precise activity tracker in the market today. If your results of inaccuracy fall between these ranges your device works in a proper way and there is no need to worry about.
  • If your device miscounts your steps more than 8% please contact our customer support team.

Most known reasons of miscount are:

  1. You have walked after 12.00am (11.59.59pm is cut of time for same day results, 12.00.00 start collecting new results for new day) before going to bed. If so, you will see steps count while you are still in the bed in the MORNING.
  2. You have used the bathroom during the night.
  3. You have done some activities or movements that simulate walking (night walking or other nighttime activities).
  4. Some daytime activities that are not “continuing” walk but movements – steps, device will not add them to your progress immediately, but will remember them, summarize, and will add them up to your progress later, while you rest.

My device shows military time how can I change it?

Open your Verifit2.0 app, go to the section USER > System Settings > Unit Set and choose Imperial.

My Device arrived and it does not charge. What can I do?

In some cases, when device was not in use for a long period of time, 1 month or more, it can automatically hibernate and needs activation.

  • Clip your charger to your device and plug it in into the USB charger.
  • Wait for 10-15 sec and press on MODE button on the side of device multiple times, while it is still on charge.
  • If no any result, unclip and clip it back again, and repeat same procedure up to 3 times
  • If the device still does not react, contact customers support team.