Meet Blueweigh Smart Scales:

Meet The Blueweigh Smart Scales:

smart scale


smart scale




What sets apart Bluewigh? BlueWeigh Smart Scales give many tools to monitor your health. It is a comprehensive tool designed in a very simple way so you can track down every data in the app. Scales have very sensitive digital surfaces which make precise calculations for BMI, BMR, Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Water %, Total Weight.
Easy and instant Bluetooth syncs with your smartphone. Open the app and stand on the scale. Clean and simple, easy and beautiful graphs which show changes in your body in hours, days, months and years. Unlimited users via the app. Install the app, stand on the scale, it will do the rest. One account can keep 10 users at once.
How Blueweigh scales calculate body fat? It works based on BIA ( bio-electrical impedance analysis). The electrodes under tempered glass cover will send small electrical current through one leg and will receive it from another, basically the difference between sent and received current computer calculating and sending all data from scale to the app.
Smart is sexy, healthy is sexier. BlueWeigh Smart Scale is a portable comprehensive machine which is designed for your health monitoring system. Today's busy life makes almost impossible to eat healthily, to sleep healthy, to rest healthy. We really need a guide through this complicated way to be and stay healthy.