BlueWeigh Smart Scale Aspro


About the Product
  • Smart Body Composition Analyzer with Bluetooth connection to the Smartphone/Tablet that uses iOS or Android
  • Measures: Body Weigh, Body Fat content, Body Muscle weigh, Body Water content, Body Bone mass, Visceral Fat, BMI and BMR
  • High Quality Tempered Glass Weighing Scale with Back light LED Display , Auto ON/OFF and Bluetooth signal detection
  • Modern Design , Battery Energy Low Consumption, UP to 400 LB weighing capacity and 0.5 LB Accuary, Weight measuring Units LB/KG
  • User Friendly Mobile App for iOS and Android , Up to 10 Users Account Profile Creating Opportunity and Memory of Measurments for each Profile

The BLUEWEIGH Smart Body Composition Monitor/Analyzer works based on the BIA ( Bioelectrical Impendance Analysis) New Double Electrode technology.
The Innovation of Measuring of Body Bioelectrical Impendance makes results of this device much more accurate than other similar devices in a market.
The device measures Human Body Bioelectrical Impendance to calculate the composition based on Physiologocal Electroconduction.
The BLUEWEIGH Smart Body Analyzer is usefull for regular bases of long term measuring of body components that is making this device the great tool for targeted weight control for people who are seeking efficient way between diet and exercise.

Conductive: ITO film
Power: DC 6V
Battery: 4*AA
Size: 325*310*30.5mm
LCD size: 59*75mm
Glass thickness: 6mm
Unit: kg / lb
Minimum weight: 5kg / 11lb
Capacity: 180kg / 400lb
User group: 10
Age range: 10-100 years old
Height range: 100-255cm / 3-8feet /3-4inch
Working humidity: 20% - 90%
Working temperature: 10 - 40℃
Storage temperature: -10 - 50℃

Indication Symbol :
For body analyzer error: Err2
For low power: Lo
For overload: Err

Auto power off:
When after 30 seconds no operation
When it is overloaded
When here is faulty operations

Bluetooth compatiable:
Bluetooth 4.0 or above
iOS 6.3 or above
Android 4.3 or above

Accuracy Range:
50kg: ± 300g 110lbs: ± 0.66lbs
100kg: ± 400g 220lbs: ± 0.88lbs
150kg: ± 500g 330lbs: ± 1.10lbs

Body Weight: 0.1kg / 0.2lb
Body fat: 0.10%
Muscule mass: 0.10%
Body water: 0.10%
Bone Mass : 0.1kg